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Why was DRUCEBOX started?

We started out because we know that teenagers were getting a rough deal when it came to shaving. No one was teaching teenage guys how to shave, or supporting them along the way.

How do I teach my son to shave? By using the UK's best teenage shaving box with mental health advice

We know puberty is a really tough time for teenagers, and although there are some useful sources of information such as the NHS service, there's a lot to be desired in actually making this information useful and engaging. The difference with DRUCEBOX's approach is that we have included all the bits parents want to encourage and support their son in, but we've made it all much more accessible. We've tried to take away all the cringe factors, and make it much more readable. There's no awkward conversations parents need to have anymore, and instead teenagers can get great advice on how to shave without having to crawl through medical websites.

The truth is many don't and as a result end up learning bad shaving techniques which will increase the chances of spots and age their skin in the years to come. There's loads that can go wrong when shaving, but we've put a really good set of practical and support tools together to give great teenage support. You can get a taster of what's included in the shop.

The best razor for teenagers is certainly our flagship 5 bade razor because it is easy to hold, easy to clean and easy to use - it's designed for newbies and make shaving comfortable and easy. There's other brands out there such as this one, but your hooked in with discount's on paying for expensive subscriptions that are hard to cancel or control (though they say they are easy!). Plus, teenagers can't afford to pay for the expensive replacement blades, so it becomes the job of the bank of mum and dad.

We're here to change that with our starter shaving kit for teenagers, so make his life easier today.

We know that through teenage friendly shaving advice and accessible mental health tips, teenagers have a much better chance of succeeding in the game of life, and we're proud to know we're playing our small part.

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