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Oh its an exciting day here at DRUCEBOX HQ! We've just had our story published in Dorset Eye and we are very proud of ourselves.

How to teach a teenagers to shave, with the UK's best boys razor in a teenage first shaving kit

It's not everyday that we become major celebrities (cough, cough), but you know, it's nice to be noticed every once-in-a-while right?! Big thanks to our new friends at the Dorset Eye for showcasing us, we appreciate and love you!

We're really proud that they picked up on our passion for promoting positive mental health amongst teenage guys because that's exactly what we exist for. We know that our guides and gear help teach teenagers to shave, but it's making sure they have the quality, bespoke products that makes this a winning package. Dorset Eye shares some of that on their social feeds here.

As we are just pre-launching we're going to be seeing things really kick off and we are so excited to know that there are a lot of lives that will be changed, and a lot of stress avoided because parents ordered a DRUCEBOX for their son. We want to support parents in their mission to be the best darn parents they can be, so here's to amazing things to come!

To buy your son his own box head to

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