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We were founded out of a passion and desire to help young men with incredible, tailored support for when they reach the stage they are exploring who they are and how to shave. Created in 2020 as the pandemic impacted the world, isolation amongst young people was high and we started by helping re-build that confidence to help guys grow and be who they want to be.

We knew that parents and teens can often be at odds and shaving can be a very personal thing for some, so by putting all our youth and mental health training into shaving kits, we're helping to build confidence, identity, security and bring back the JOY of self care for guys!

In recent years we have expanded our range, increased the fun and made our kits and boxes much more personal; so that when you give a DRUCEBOX, your giving a little bit of your heart. ❤️

"Helping every young man be their best them."

best razor for boys starting to shave
starter shaving kit for teen boy starting to shave


We've made it our personal mission to be good and do good. That's at our heart.

Having wholesome and positive products starts from the core, so in all our products you can expect wholesome values, safe support and ethics around sustainability.

shaving gift set to help boys start shaving


Explore our shaving kit and see for yourself why this is the best sort of shaving gift you can give him. 

shaving kit by drucebox


We are changing the standards for sustainability and recycling, learn about our low plastic, fully recyclable packaging.

shaving gift set designed for boys starting to shave


Natural ingredients are sustainably sourced for not only the best results, but the best use of natural resources for people and planet.

teen boy shaving set for boys shaving for the first time


Bringing up teens and young people can be pretty tricky at times. We offer up some quick tips for daily living. If they help, great - but if not, try something else - and remember - this stage will pass!

Showing you Accept them - approving through consistency!

Showing you Accept them - approving through consistency!

There's a lot happening in those little brains as they grow through the teenage years ~ there's just so much going on that teenagers often feel they don't know what's what anymore. It can be a bit like a very early mid-life crises (if that helps at all!). They will be asking big questions of themselves, those in their life and their family around them. It's your job to help them steady that ship and see it through all the hormonal changes! The best way of doing that is showing them that they are loved, accepted and you approve of them. Of course, not everything they do will make you smile with glee, but it's the way you show your approval that will really stick with them. If they know that they are loved and accepted no matter what, not only are they going to trust you with more aspects of their life (being open) but they'll be able to work out who they are and have a less turbulent time in the process. With friend/partner relationships changing around them all the time and their bodies going 100 miles an hour, the consistent message of approval shows them that they are OK and that they are loved and accepted. This is really key for building a long term, positive relationship with them. In adolescent development, young people are craving for approval - deep in their very inner most being they are craving to be accepted, loved and understood. If you can help lay foundations, or let them really believe that there is always a life line available (no matter what!) then you have achieved something really rather wonderful - you have built a very solid relationship with them. This not only helps make your life actually easier to live with them, but what your doing is holding a safe mirror up to them, so that through every challenge, your giving them the confidence they need to make good decisions and be the best version of themselves. Give it a go - try showing a little love and approval today!
Get outside for that chat!

Get outside for that chat!

Welcome to today's DRUCETIP! Ever struggle to start the conversation with your teenager and actually get the ball rolling in the direction you'd like? Your not alone! Getting teenagers to start talking can be really hard sometimes, and there's often lots of good reasons why they simply don't want to talk to you ~ just don't take it personally! Today's tip is: get outside for the chat! It helps to create a natural space where you both can share your views, feel like your on neutral turf and don't feel constrained or distracted by anything at home. So often there's things to keep us busy (DIY, tidying etc for us, or gaming for our teens!) that it's super easy to procrastinate and find something else to displace a conversation. What's more, where your at home, it's easy to feel like one party has the upper hand (particularly if you've had rows at home before!) so by being outside, it's a bit like a nice blank canvas. The other upside is that although it's a relatively new fact (medical research from the 1960's) that we now know being outside has a calming, positive and mood-boosting effect on us. This means that when we get outside, we're much more likely to have a favourable conversation that won't end poorly. Being outside in a large open space really helps us shift our (and our teenagers!) thinking as well. Imagine being trapped in a cage all the time: that is your world and your ability to think or experience anything outside of that is really hard. You might know the other, better, world exists but it's hard to live in it. When your stuck at home often, your brain pretty much falls into the cage mentality. So by getting outside somewhere 1) Large 2) Open 3) Green - you'll be calming your brains, helping each other thinking more creatively to problems and be willing to see possibilities from a different perspective. ....Now we can't guarantee this will always work every time, but it's not about controlling someone, it's all about stacking the deck in your favour - if you can do as much as you can in the background to increase your chances of it going well, your on the right track!
shaving gift set for boys starting to shave
DRUCEBOX young peoples team with gifts for teen boys, shaving sets for him


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