The natural ingredients used to make our shaving kit for teenagers

Our past helps shape our future.

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Made for the bold and the brave, our naturally better shaving kit has come from a place with a lot of heart. We know that raising boys can sometimes be pretty tough, so through our own and family experiences we knew there was a better way to support young men.

That inspired our youth workers and family experts to develop some of the best quality shaving products we could imagine. We didn't want to just make something cheap and cheerful, but instead close the loop and provide something that will last for the years to come.

We're a tiny team, but our heart and passion are large because we know that now, more then ever, young men need everything they can get to guide them on their own life adventures. We came together and drew on our own life experiences to help us work out what should be in a complete shaving kit for young men, and so the DRUCEBOX was born.

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Our stories.

Since our inception in early 2021, we've been leaders in product innovation and guardians of young men's best interests.

family rain fun for shaving kits

Explore our shaving kit and see for yourself why this is the best sort of shaving gift you can give your young man. 

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shaving kit sustainability

We are changing the standards for sustainability and recycling, learn about our low plastic, fully recyclable packaging.

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natural ingredient shaving kits

Natural ingredients are sustainably sourced for not only the best results, but the best use of natural resources for people and planet.

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Our tips.

Bringing up teenagers can be pretty tricky at times. We offer up some quick tips for daily living. If they help, great!