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Keeping beautiful, beautiful.

Sustainability matters.

Our sustainably sourced ingredients combined with our practices mean we're doing a pretty good job at having maximum positive impact. As we grow we want to do more, but we'll always play our part in helping leave the world in a better condition than we found it.

natually better shaving set
Natural Ingredients
drucebox shaving kit
drucebox susainable shaving kit
Using green energy
Co2 neutral where possible 
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Ethical trade partnerhsips
non toxic shving ingredients
Non-toxic products
Dark Rainforest natually better shaving set

Reducing plastic, recycling more.

We want to make products which not only do humans good but do the planet good, so all our packaging is always 100% recyclable. We're always on the look out for doing things better, so as well as our mostly plastic free packaging, we're encouraging everyone to recycle more and waste less.

natually better shaving set recyling
drucebox shaving set designed for teenage boys

Sustainability built in.

Making low plastic packaging is one thing, but we've gone a step further to ensure our products last longer so that you'll need to buy less. We're passionate about binning the throw away, disposable UK culture - so by using our high quality, concentrated products there will be less packaging in the world and happier faces for the years to come.

natually better shaving set sustainably designed
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