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The good news for DRUCEBOX keeps coming!

It's another day, and another dollar (no mention here of DSC please!) so we've done an exclusive interview with Dorset based online magazine Dorset Biz News who had a lot of great things to say about us. How nice!

Dorset biz news share the success of teenage shaving and teenage mental health
Teenage mental health and teaching teenagers to shave with the best first razor for teenage boys

We were thrilled to follow the article here at Dorset biz News for the detailed and in-depth coverage they gave us, explaining our heart and passion behind DRUCEBOX. We know that it's the subtle positive mental health messages combined with the teenage shaving advice that parents really love, because they know they are giving their son something to really help them succeed in everyday life.

We're here to help parents help their sons by giving them some teenage friendly hints, tips and LifeHacks that are sure to help inspire them through a really tough season in someone's life. Teenagers get a got of stick these days for being lazy, un-inspired and "not bothered" by much of life; but that's really not the case. We believe that every teenager is an incredible person, sometimes they just need to right sort of support to just guide them and unlock their potential.

Teenage shaving advice is something that is very hard to come by because it's either written by parents, for parents; or there simply isn't decent enough advice available. Some teenagers hate talking to their parents about anything remotely personal, so DRUCEBOX is a great way of ensuring they get safe, appropriate advice and shaving tips in a really accessible way.

For more information about DRUCEBOX and how it can help make you and your son's life a lot easier, head to where you can now order the box.

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