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Ingredients saving the world, shave by shave.

Ingredients matter.

We have developed our range to include only the best naturally derived ingredients for the best shaving experience. This not only keeps our shavers looking amazing, but is helping to keep the world that way as well.

Our sustainably sourced ingredients are packed full of rich botanical and essential oils for an indulgent, natural shaving experience. When we use natural ingredients, we're helping play our part in a bigger picture. Natural ingredients use less energy to produce and process, produce less CO2 and help support local economies around the world. We think that all sounds pretty good. 

natually better shaving set
Natural Ingredients
natually better shaving set sulpahte free
Sulphate Free
Cruelty Free
natually better shaving set paraben free
Paraben Free
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Ingredients for everyday use

Busy lives mean we all need everyday quality, which is why all our products have high quality ingredients that can be used everyday.

Natural Ingredient face Mask by drucebox starter shaving set

Ingredients for every skin type

Our ingredients are super gentle yet super luxurious, so shaving and face care is always a real treat, not a chore.

Drinking Water with drucebox mens starter shaving set for beginners

Hydrating Ingredients

Made to refresh men's skin like a satisfying cool drink, our gels and hydrators leave skin feeling refreshed after shaving.

Natural Ingredients used in drucebox mens starter shaving set