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  • How fast is delivery?
    We're in full speed production at the moment, getting shaving kits ready for dispatch to you around 30th November 2021. We might even have things ready before then! :) Delivery is then based on your choice of 1st or 2nd class Royal Mail postage. Estimated delivery times are given at checkout. Please allow extra time for the current UK wide delays with some services.
  • What makes this shaving kit different?
    Any good shaving kit might have shaving products in, but ours are really in a world leading class of their own, here's why: 1) We've designed every part of our shaving kits to be supportive and helpful for young men - not self focused or comparing himself to others - our kits build resillience, self esteem and self worth by building up his life skills. 2) Made using skilled craftmenship, there's 100% dedication to making shaving kits which help young men grow and develop for life. 3) We're focused on using natural ingredients, so have packed as many "good for you" ingredients in and taken all the usual suspects out. 4) We've designed our shaving gear to last: all the razors, blades and extras are desigend to last for years (with careful use!) so you know he's getting great quality. We have also ramped up the quality of the shaving gel and skin hydrator so that it's concentrated formula lasts longer, giving him lot's more time to enjoy them.
  • Why did you start DRUCEBOX?
    As experienced youth experts and qualified social workers, we know that young men are usually left in the dark when it comes to shaving and some of the "growing up stuff" that men just have to guess as they go along. Today's world is very different so we wanted to help support young men develop by putting safe, quality advice that as parent's we'd like son's to have growing up. It's this combination of high quality, natural shaving gear with the support in our shaving guide that really makes the difference in helping young men thrive.
  • What's in a DRUCEBOX?
    Check out the product pages in the shop for the full list of what's in your kit, but you can expect: - Ultimate DRUCEBOX shaving and life guide booklet - Premium Men's Alloy Razor and recyclable razor head - 4 additional razor heads (each with 5 sensitive blades) - Naturally hydrating concentrated Shaving Gel 100ml - Naturally infused Skin Hydrator for use after shaving 100ml - FREE personalised online shaving support - FAST UK delivery
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