What's so good about this razor system?

Not all razors are created equal. In fact, some are a cut above the rest and are simply amazing... enter DRUCEBOX.

Helping my son shave is easy with the best razor for teenagers starting to shave. Gillette isn't better than DRUCEBOX.

Our unique, cutting edge technology ensures a really high quality shave with the smoothest of glides to ensure a great finish. When a young man starts out shaving, there's a few things that are really important for him:

  1. The quality of the blades needs to be top-notch, so he can glide with ease and reduce irritation.

  2. The handle needs to be easy to hold, non-slip and easy to clean.

  3. The replacement blades need to be user and pocket friendly so that he can afford to shave for the future. There's no point giving someone a razor if they can't afford the emplacement blade cartridges.

We have taken all this and created a razor that will hit the spot, and not his pocket. From an open razor design for easy cleaning and drying, to a rubber encased metal grip - this is a razor designed to be safe and easy to use.

Most razors on the market fail to deliver the ease of use and affordability that we have provided in our teen friendly shaving system. Our razor is designed to make shaving as easy and user friendly as possible, especially for those with zero experience. It's creatively designed with a lot of clever features packed into one box so that a teenager can start shaving with ease and be fuss-free... because lets face it: they like to keep things as simple as possible. It means there's more free time for X-box and sleeping in after all!

Written by James

DRUCEBOX founder & Youth Advocate

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