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Why A First Shaving Kit Is A Great Boys Gift Idea

Giving the perfect gift to a teenage boy is no easy task! It takes a little bit of knowing them and also sometimes taking a little risk in getting him that perfect present...but when you get it right, it's well worth it!

So let's take a look at some great gift options:

New and exciting gadgets

This is often one the easy areas to gift buy a teenager and is often thought of as the perfect boys present. However there's often a larger price tag for anything that doesn't quickly become junk within a month. Still, if it's for a special occasion it'll be worth it. Boys toys are all about finding the right gift for the right teenage guy, so if you know him well you could be onto a winner here!

Toiletry gift sets

The classic! Men's and teenage boy gift sets can make budget friendly and useful gifts because let's face it, even in-between the skipped showers - boys love nice smellies (nearly as much as girls do!). So this is a safe choice in our opinion, but it isn't exactly the most exciting or newest idea. It has been done a lot before (for a good reason we expect!) but just make sure it's the sort of thing he's after - and don't be tempted to waste your money on high end gift sets if your not sure it's his thing. Best stick to mi-range brands like the ones here.

Novelty gifts

Well there's lots of choice here and plenty of budget friendly gift ideas here as well. But of course, these are gimmicks and let's face it, they won't last long - still if it's a cheap gift your after then this sort of gift could be a good choice. There's a good range here.

Educational gifts

There's a lot of boys gift ideas in this area, with lot's of opportunities to buy things which inspire and motivate teenage boys to learn and push themselves. Of course, you'll need to know him very well and perhaps a larger budget, but it's an investment in their education and future right?!

Edible gifts

Most 16 year old teenage boys love things they can eat, so this sort of gift is not only usually very welcome, but is also useful! The downside is that it's gone quickly, and there's lots of tacky options here that look, quite frankly, tacky. A good choice we found is something like this one which looks cool and is a bit of a funny present, but not every teenage boy is going to appreciate it for its child-like qualities.

Again, you'll have to know the teen well to see if it'll go down well.

Fashion and clothing

This ones high risk-high reward. You have to know your teenage boy very well for this to be the ideal sort of gift, but get it right and you'll have a happy lad. It's also a pricey option for anything of quality, and let's face it: you'll need to include a gift receipt...just in case! Our advice would be to steer clear of clothing gifts unless you know he want's it already - so this sort of gift is one that won't be a surprise, but will be well worth it if you get it right.

Personalised gifts

This is a great idea and there's now so much choice out there like this page on Not on the High Street. It's got loads of great gifts on and there's lots of choice. Well worth trying to find something a bit unique - but choose carefully because it's an area you can easily get wrong.

Outdoor gadgets

There's lots of idea's here, from Garmin devices to apps and giant outdoor games. There's quite a few to be found here, but again quality counts so you might need to invest and spend a bit more. One of our favourite picks is an e-scooter. They are very on-trend but just make sure he's allowed that sort of gift, so if your not his parents it's best to check your not creating family tension! This makes an ideal birthday gift for boys, especially if it's a special birthday - and don't forget the helmet!

Unique, New and Personalised Gifts

This is our favourite type of gift, because let's face it - it's difficult to find something new under the sun that makes a great gift. One idea is the Teenage shaving set you can find here. It's a great gift for his first shave and depending on how frequently he is shaving it's a gift he'll really love. We think the mix of a practical gift, toiletry gift and personalised boys gift are ideal. It's practical and contains probably the best shaver for a teenage boy, so worth giving him something he'll be able to use for years to come.

  • Best gift to give any kind of teenage boy growing up.

  • Affordable and high quality so it leaves a positive lasting impression you care.

  • The perfect mix of a toiletry gift with something a bit different.

  • It's practical, so he'll be able to enjoy using it.

  • Designed by youth experts, not marketing departments, so you know it's a good gift to give.

  • Shaving sets make great gifts, but this one has great support and guide to teach shaving.

Enjoy choosing your new teenage boys gift! Once you've had a think about how well you know him, what sorts of things he's into and what your budget is - you'll find it easy to make the right choice. Happy shopping!


This article was written by James, DRUCEBOX founder and experienced Youth Advocate. James has worked with young people all his life in various faith, public sector and charitable settings. His experience has seen him and his partner foster teenagers, develop community support and work with council's to contribute to beneficial children's services. You can contact James here.

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