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Press Release 19.01.21

Teenagers have for a long time experienced a lot of challenges growing up, that's for sure.

Parents across the country can testify that bringing up teenagers is no easy task - from the frequent mood wings to keeping all sorts of strange hours of the night. It can be said: bringing up teenagers is not easy!

Helping my teenage son to shave with shaving advice for teenagers, Gillette razors and first shaving kit as they start to shave

One entrepreneur is hoping to provide a little relief for you parents and carers, that he hope's will go beyond the short term help but actually prove beneficial to teenage emotional development and provide healthy habits that may well last a lifetime. Too good to be true? What is this miracle they have planned at DRUCEBOX and how can it help you and your teenager?

Well we've been speaking to the DRUCEBOX team, and as you may imagine from their name - it comes in a box - but it's what inside the box that is the important bit. Designed exclusively for teenage guys around 14 to 17 years old, this box seeks to solve the age old (and increasing) problem of teaching a young man how to shave.

Now you might be thinking "Just give him a razor!" but the shaving experts at DRUCEBOX (and many of you men reading this) will know that it simply isn't that simple. Shaving takes time and knowledge, developed with practice into a skill which which will hopefully help a young man for the rest of his life. DRUCEBOX have put together not only a high quality razor system with all the gels, cream's and gear any guy could need; but the key to their box is the LifeHacks Pack they've designed to provide all the support shaving newbie's might need to know.

The pack has been designed exclusively for teenage boys in mind, keeping the content highly pictorial but with just enough content to ensure it can answer nearly every question. The shaving pack covers everything from why bother shaving, to tips for shaving with ache and the science behind hair growth direction - it really does make for an interesting read!

James Druce the DRUCEBOX founder said:

"The DRUCEBOX is all about helping a young man learn about one of the most under-taught subjects of personal development for guys. They don't teach this in schools, it's not on the curriculum and it's rarely taught from father to son these days: it's not on anyone's agenda really. That can't be right, and our teenagers deserve better!

We saw this as a problem requiring our attention, and also an opportunity because not only have we packed incredible shaving advice into the pack, but in a fun and helpful way. We've built in loads of tips and help covering emotional and physical health. We wanted to make sure we appropriately covered some of the key points in puberty without seeming like a biology textbook or cringe worthy health promotion campaign - because those tend to turn teenagers off. Instead we feel we've got the right balance and because the aim has always been to build resilience and positive mental health, it sort of came naturally to us.

Parents and families can pre-order their son's box now, with a posting date the first week of March. We know this is going to be a popular product because it's put together by hand and is all about supporting teenage guys - something they really need now in such challenging times. With our help, we'll help the nation's teenagers shave well and build a generation that has more tools for resilient living."

Having a background in youth mentoring, fostering and strategic youth work, James and the small team have managed to create something really unique that looks like it'll serve many families across the country for years to come. It also looks really well branded and on-trend for today's style conscious teens. It's also pocket friendly as well, posted at just £19.99 direct to the teenager. Interestingly, they have also promised to always keep blade pricing low because they know teenagers need all the help they can get.

The small team are currently working on an App for the launch, so that by the release date in March they hope to be able to offer more support for teenage guys and create a body positive product to help teenagers when they need it most.

For more information about the box and to order, head to:

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