Help! How do I survive living with a teenage boy?

Living with a teenager is no easy feat. It can be a daily challenge of moodiness, risky behaviours and sometimes feeling like he's turned into a recluse and your left wondering what you did that was so bad to make him avoid you! Living (and surviving) a teenage boy can be hard. especially in the UK where smaller homes and damp weather mean we're crammed together for at least half the year.

Get help and support so that you can understand what is going on in your teenage sons head. Teenage behaviour advice.

There's lot's that can go on in the world of a teenager, so in this article we'll unpack what's going on inside their head, how their body plays a major role, and give you some techniques and tips to help you survive the adventure! This is the place to get some quality help with how to bring up your teenager and thrive along the way.

What's going on in their head?