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Delivering DRUCEBOX in March!

We are really excited here at DRUCEBOX HQ.

We've been designing, creating and developing super cool shaving products ready for a whole new world of teenagers to experience and enjoy.

My sons first razor is the best shaving kit for teenage boys in a shaving gift box

The whole team are buzzed as we are bringing the last bit's all together. We've been working super hard to make sure the products as good as should be, and we're really proud of the results.

We've got a wicked range to launch with, it might be small, but it's super mighty.

The key for us was focusing on what a teenage guy really needs as he's starting out shaving, and then we built everything we did around that.

Teenage guys have a tough ride these days. The worlds an ever changing place and with different focuses in culture shifting these days, it's hard for a teen to know how to navigate the world. Male identity has shifted (not that we're against that!) but it can all be a bit confusing for the unaware. It's also pretty hard for teenagers in the wake of the pandemic, with teen guys having to work out their futures and survive the challenges of lockdowns and missed social skills development. The result can lead to unconnected and unsupported guys who have a tough few years ahead of them.

Fear not! We're here to change that.

We're here to help make some of that better by providing shaving equipment, skills, advice and support to guys starting out shaving. Now, we can't change or fix everything in a teenagers life - but we can help with shaving: which for some guys might just be a key bit of support they need at just the right time.

We're here to do good and we're here to support teenage guys starting out shaving. Here's to a bright future for us and for teenagers shaving we'll be supporting for many years to come!

We'll keep you updated as we share more news and all the things we have planned for the future. Stay tuned.

Written by James

DRUCEBOX founder & Youth Advocate

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