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Got a 11+ year old son? This first shaving kit is going to make his life so much easier!

Growing up can be pretty tough for teenage boys in the UK these days. There's a lot going on and it isn't easy for parents either!

Thankfully this shaving set for men is a life saver when it comes to helping teenage boys start shaving with the right sort of support all in one box. This shaving gift set solves a lot of problems by putting the right sort of instructions together with an incredibly easy to use razor and luxury shaving goodies.

This shaving kit by the guys at DRUCEBOX is the best first shaving kit for teenager in the UK because it's written in a cartoon style designed to be easy to understand, yet packed with helpful hints and tips to help your lad shave with ease.

Equipping your tween or teen as he grows is no easy challenge because there are so many shaving kit's and shaving sets for men that it can be hard to pick the right one. Look no further because this shaving kit literally has everything included in the box. The razor has been designed for beginners with a super soft rubber grip and weighted alloy razor handle that make shaving a pleasure.

This isn't your typical men's grooming set with cheap shaving gels either, because every shaving kit comes with a 100ml's each of a premium shaving gel and a natural skin hydrator -these are really indulgent gels - and designed to last with their enriched formula. Not only are they top shelf and pass a whole load of premium quality marks, but they smell incredible thanks to their enticing Sandalwood base notes. It's DRUCEBOX signature scent and will leave every young man feeling pampered with this men's grooming set.

We really like the fact that this isn't just a shaving kit though, because thanks to the included booklet, your favourite young man is going to get a men's shaving set as well as a whole load of subtle support for puberty.

The booklet covers loads of things that many parents feel awkward about, but thanks to this different kind of men's grooming set - you're covered - at least it'll help with the basics and ease the door open! Parents have found the age appropriate content written in such a way that gives just enough to help young men feel more confident, but not too much to make anyone feel awkward.

When it comes to the best first shaving kit for teenagers, it's clear that DRUCEBOX have created a winning shaving kit that smashes all other shaving sets for men out of the park! It's got the best razor for teenager boy UK and is the shaving set for men that takes shaving care and support up a level.

Men's grooming set's have just got an upgrade and are available direct from DRUCEBOX and all good retailers.

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