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Giving your teenager the right support at the right time.

We all know teenagers can be complex individuals. There's a whole host of hormones whizzing around in adolescent bodies and often we're at the raw end of the stick when it comes to the relationship. But actually, it's often the subtle support which can prove to be the most beneficial.

The boys first shaving kit teaching my son to shave. Boy learning to shave. How to know when to start shaving.

For Teenage boys in particular, just getting them to listen/read/engage with some good advice can be the hardest part! Here's a couple of our top tips to help ensure you build a solid relationship and get the best outcomes:

Keep it subtle and gentle.

Nobody likes being told what to do or forced to do something, so keep advice under the radar and wrap it up in the most palatable ways to get the best results.

Advice or support always needs to be accepting and supporting.

Good relationships are built on good foundations, so make sure you are communicating your acceptance of your teenager before you give instructions. Imagine being given advice by that celebrity which just annoys you, it doesn't matter if they are right, you'll do your best to ignore and defy them (just to prove your better!).... Teenagers are the same, so make sure they FEEL they are accepted and loved before you tell them what to do.

Find a way they are most likely to listen.

Some people like the black and white obvious, others of us prefer the subtle hints. It's the same with adolescents. Perhaps a quick chat on the morning run, or maybe it's a simple, supportive text message. Find the thing that seems to work best and keep trying different things till you find the way that seems to work. Some teens like friendly notes left for them, for others that's just patronising... Experiment and be creative!

Show them the benefits and rewards of following your advice.

Staying focused on positive things helps set goals, maintain perspectives, generates a culture of achieving and helps keep you focused when things go wrong. It's rare to find someone who likes to focus on the challenges, so by reminding teenagers of the rewards and wins you'll be putting objectives in their sight. Now it's just your job to give them all the resources to get that win!

Drip feeding is proven to work over time.

It's true for most things, but nagging can desensitise them, so if it's more time sensitive it's maybe best to try a different technique.

Find a medium or method to approach the subject in a round-about sort of way.

Sometimes being direct and straight to the point is best, but other times keeping it subtle works better. It all depends of your young person, but the gentle approach is usually the best place to start.

Give them ways to get support on their own terms.

No one likes being told what to do (especially teens!) so the aim is to show them the right way, it's then up to them to explore their options. You can't live someone's life for them, or most make decisions for them, but you can provide them with good information so that when they are ready they will access it.


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About the author

This article was written by James Druce, founder and youth advocate at DRUCEBOX HQ. He is passionate about helping parents support their teenagers starting to shave and contribute to their positive teenage mental health.

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