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A beginners guide to shaving for boys and parents!

Shaving can be one of those marmite things for boys - they either love the whole idea and cant wait to up their new grooming routine, or they show little interest and would rather spend the time getting the extra sleep or paying on their Xbox! But for many boys (and their parents!) starting to shave can be a difficult and mystifying experience - awkward for some and one of those things that no-one knows how to approach, especially as we all want to be more body positive conscious and allow our sons to develop and make choices in their own good time.

Thankfully, we've put this guide together to help his first shave be a positive one for both him and you! We'll cover some of the things you might be wondering as well as giving you some top tips to help him start his shaving journey (the easy way!).

Is my son ready to start shaving? When do teen boys start to shave? What is a good age to start shaving?

This varies from guy to guy and there is no specific set age that a boy has to start shaving. That said, often in western cultures, boy's start thinking about shaving between the ages of 11 to 15 years old, when their body's are developing during puberty and they are more aware of how their body looks.

The right age to start shaving is when they are ready to start shaving - some might want to start what you might consider early, but it's important they are supported and encouraged at their own pace.

How to know when to shave for the first time (the clues they might be ready!):

  • Are they asking about shaving? That's a good indicator they are ready to start!

  • Have you noticed them looking into shaving? Perhaps looking at razors online or in the shops - or even if there's an older guy shaving in the house already.

  • Do they have facial fuzz or have developed into puberty when their body is changing and they become more self conscious.

  • Depending on your young man, they might drop you subtle hints that they could do with some shaving help. Great, there's an easy solution (see below!),

How should boys start shaving?

There's loads of things that might be buzzing through your mind, and for some young men, shaving can be a really personal thing - for others they take it all in their stride. His first shave is a really important one, so make sure he knows:

  1. Where to buy a razor

  2. How to use a razor

  3. What shaving gel and aftershave cream to use

  4. How to shave (properly and safely!)

  5. How to recycle the used blades

  6. How to get replacement good value blades

The very good news is that we've put a shaving kit for beginners together which has everything to start shaving all in one box. It's the ideal sons first shaving kit and provides loads of help for a boy starting to shave. Brilliant! Click on the image to grab yours today:

first shaving kit for boys and teenagers

The DRUCEBOX starter shaving kit for teenager's put's great value, high quality razors, blades, gels and creams all together in one shaving kit; alongside the very best advice to teach your son how to use a razor.

How to shave for the first time - shaving advice for beginners, step by step:

  1. Order a really good beginners shaving kit, such as the boys first shaving kit by DRUCEBOX. It has everything you'll need to master shaving like a pro!

  2. Your shaving kit needs to include: High quality soft-grip razor handle (so it's easy to hold when wet), 5 blade razor head (the blades which do the shaving), Transparent shaving gel (so you can see where your shaving), Natural ingredient aftershave moisturiser (hypoallergic so its kind to your skin), and some great step-by-step advice with a clean towel.

  3. Make sure you have about 30min for your first shaving session - give yourself plenty of time and find a nice quiet time of day when you don't have to fight for the bathroom.

  4. Make sure you've got plenty of warm water or better still, have a warm shower first (it makes your skin and hairs hydrated and soft, which helps reduce friction).

  5. If you're not having a shower, splash your face with plenty of warm water about 5 times to hydrate and soften your skin/hairs.

  6. Pat dry any excess water, but leave your face and neck as wet as possible.

  7. Apply a transparent, quality shaving gel that'll soften the hairs and reduce friction. Allow to soak in for 60 seconds.

  8. Using your razor, start with short, very gentle strokes going in the direction of hair growth. Start with your upper lip, then sideburns and your neck last, this is because it's the most sensitive and extra gel time will help reduce friction and make shaving easier.

  9. Rinse the razor head in a sink of warm water in-between each stroke (to wash off gel and hairs). Quick, jerky splash around in the warm water should do it.

  10. Once you've shaved in the direction of hair growth you'll next need to shave from the side of the direction of hair growth, this helps cut the hairs closer to the skin. Repeat all over the face and rinse the razor blades in warm water.

  11. Finally, shave against the direction of hair growth. This cuts the hairs at their shortest and gets you the closest shave.

  12. When your happy you've got all the hairs, clean your razor and put it somewhere to air dry (helps to reduce bacteria growing - don't put it away wet as bacteria grow on the razor and then when you use it next you'll be introducing bacteria to your face, which can lead to spots!).

  13. Splash your face with cool water (not freezing cold, and not hot either!) to rinse away the shaving gel residue.

  14. Dry your face with a clean towel - again, dirty towels mean bacteria - and bacteria on a freshly shaved face is likely to lead to spots! Hang the towel up and let it dry properly every time. Your skin will thank you!

  15. Apply a high quality aftershave cream like DRUCEBOX Skin Hydrator to restore hydration, which also helps prevent spots and keep your skin looking good later on in life!

  16. Enjoy your fresh look - remember, practice makes perfect, so take your time and enjoy your new grooming routine!

The DRUCEBOX first shaving kit for boys has a detailed guide, FAQ's and all the high quality, luxury shaving gear you'll need in one box. To buy one for yourself or your favourite young man about to start shaving, grab one direct from DRUCEBOX here.

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